Salesforce Reaches for Larger Audience with REST API

Salesforce is gearing up for the upcoming release of their REST API on October 26, with a REST API Developer Preview Webinar.

The release of the a RESTful API for the developerforce platform is a major sign of upcoming growth for the cloud computing platform.

REST APIs enjoy lmuch larger acceptance in the developer community compared to SOAP APIs. SOAP is a favorite amongst the enterprise and hard-core development communities, but REST is easier to understand and have lower barriers of entry for more web 2.0 oriented programmers.

As cloud computing is gaining acceptance with the masses, and the smoke is clearing around how to actually make the cloud work, SalesForce is making a major move to woo more businesses and developers to their platform.

I think this is just a first of many moves by the proven cloud platform to not only defend their position as the leader in Platform as a Service, but grow significantly in the next couple of years.