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Developing API Documentation

Peter Gruenbaum of SDK Bridge shared an article in the company's November newsletter that resonated with some of the work I've been doing recently -- creating API documentation for the Mimeo Connect REST Print API.

The article is titled A Coder's Guide to Writing API Documentation and appeared in MSDN Magazine.

Gruenbaum says that writing good API documentation requires the four components: I have been writing sample PHP code while authenticating and writing calls against every endpoint on the REST Print API this week.

I have five developers interested in integrating the API into their applications. So I have been working on and overview and a getting started guide to our API.

I have been keeping reference materials to each web service on a wiki as I play with and learn more about our API.

Seems like I already have a good start, and seeing Gruenbaum's list of what makes up good API documentation validates where I chose to start with our API documentation this week.