Develop an Elance Skills Test for Your API Area

Integrating with APIs requires a wide variety of skills. Depending on the technology an API uses, integration may require knowledge of OAuth, REST, SOAP, XML, JSON, and mobile platforms.

Each API has its own unique requirements for mastering it and efficiently integrating it with other systems. Any company wants the best developers to work on their projects, but how do you verify that developers are reliable and truly understand an API and its intricacies?

To ensure a developer understands an API, the API should establish a certification process for all developers to participate in. Many enterprise organizations are looking for ways to have developers certified.

Elance provides services for building skills test and accreditation programs around API communities. Elance API skills assessments can prove that a developer truly posseses the skills necessary to integrate with a specific API.

API owners can build a custom set of questions that walks developers through any aspect of an API thatl are critical for integration Developers can then take the self-assessment skills test to certify their knowledge and understanding of an API.

API owners, partners and other businesses can use API developer certification to make decisions around which developers they will use on their projects.

API developer accreditation will continue to grow in importance as APIs continue to become a ubiquitous presence in business.

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