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Box.net OpenBox

Box.net provides a cloud platform for storing, sharing and managing files and content in the cloud.

Box.net OpenBox provides a directory of custom third party applications that add value to Box.net and can be integrated with users accounts.

On the back-end Box.net OpenBox provides developers with a self-service application development platform to build and deploy applications in the OpenBox directory.

Any developer can register with Box.net and: Developers create what are called actions, these actions show in users navigation after choosing to use a OpenBox application.

When ready, a developer can submit an application to the OpenBox directory, then pending approval it will be made available to all Box.net users.

Box.net users can browse the OpenBox directory, find applications they want to use, then add to their Box.net account.

OpenBox provides a self-service application developer platforms where custom apps built using Box.net APIs can be deployed, accessing the growing number of Box.net users.