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A White-Label API App Store Platform

The goal of any API evangelist is to encourage its community to build mobile and web applications around their API.

When you and your community have several web apps, mobile apps, plugins or other tools you are proud of, showcase them.

Whether you call it a showcase, directory, gallery or store...having an area that highlights the applications built upon your API is critical to continued API adoption and success.

Application showcases do several things: There are two ways to deploy an app store for your API. 1) build it yourself or 2) use a private label App Store solution like AppStores.com. I can speak from experience, your time is better spent evangelizing, and not building your own app store.

AppStores.com provides a white-label / private-label solution for deploying an app store for your API. Here is a little of what AppStores.com bring to the table.

They help with developer acquisition: They provide a complete set of management tools: They encourage application discovery: AppStores.com is a ready-to-go, App Store as a Service for your API. Their goal is to save you money, reduce time to market, and be your team specializing in delivering your app showcase.

They are fairly new, but already have a couple of high profile deployments: An application showcase is an innovative building block to showcase developers and partners, while also bringing attention to your API and the value it can deliver.

When deploying your application store, I highly recommend checking out AppStore.com, tell them API Evangelist sent you.