"Atmosphere, a New API Management Portal"

SOA Software just launched a new API management platform called, Atmosphere.

Atmosphere provides a secure, platform that companies can deploy to manage their APIs for either a private or public developer community.

The Atmosphere platform gives API providers a management interface to define APIs using a wide range of messaging types and formats including REST/XML, REST/JSON and SOAP. The platform also provides paging and caching mechanisms to improve app performance.

Atmosphere also provides security capabilities that allow API providers to control and monitor app's usage of the APIs. While also protecting internal applications from overload, as well as provide customers with service-level guarantee through QoS management for SLAs and quotas.

These tools for monitoring and managing consumer contracts and traffic can also be applied to enable monetization of APIs.

The Atmosphere API Management can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud, or a combination of the two. Providing the flexibility and scalability needed by many providers.

The Atmosphere API Management platform is one of the newest players in the API management space, a growing playing field of providers targeting the enterprise.