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HAPI Hackathon Wrapup

The HAPI hackathon wrapped up June 12th in San Francisco. The event brought developers together to hack on over 9 APIs in order to build something cool over the course of a weekend.

The event started out Friday night with TokBox, Ebay / Paypal, Foursquare, Box.net, Twilio, Genability, Factual, and Mashery showcasing their companies and their APIs to developers.

Next, developers lined up to pitch their ideas and generate interest amongst other participants. 10 ideas were pitched, then developers formed groups and got to work.

Developers spent all weekend drinking coffee, eating pizza and bagels, and hacking away. Everything culminated Sunday afternoon when developers presented their hacks.

Over sixteen hacks were presented, with prizes going to the best: TokBox who organized the event, wanted to bring the developers together into an environment where they could make whatever they want, and offer support and prizes from nine different APIs.

Overall the hackathon was a success, with developers going home with cash and schwag, and the APIs involved generated more awareness of the services they provide.