"New Pricing for Genability Energy API"

Energy pricing data provider Genability just announced the roll-out of more flexible pricing for their API.

The new pricing structure gives Genability API developers more options with no long term commitments, when accessing the Genability tariff and electricity pricing database.

Genability API pricing starts with a free plan which offers 10 unique tariff credits per month, and will serve up 1,000 calls per hour.

Genability bulk paid plans range from $89.99 / month to $1499.99 a month:

  • Bronze for 89.99 / month, with 100 unique tariff credits per month, and 5,000 calls per hour
  • Silver for 299.99 / month, with 350 unique tariff credits per month, and 20,000 calls per hour
  • Gold for $799.99 / month, with 1000 unique tariff credits per month, and 50,000 calls per hour
  • Platinum for $1499.99 / month, with 2000 unique tariff credits per month, and 100,000 calls per hour
The call per hour portion is pretty straightforward, but whats a tariff credit?

A tariff credit is when you request a full tariff (including all its rates, bands and properties), or request a price, or a calculation on a tariff. Genability keep track of each tariff you request, and keep a count of the unique ones, with subsequent calls for previously requested tariffs being free.

All of Genability's API plans both, both free and paid, include LSE data, season & time of use data, and zip codes, and geo-location data.

Genability also offers custom pricing plans, if one of their doesn't fit your needs, just contact them and they'll negotiate additional services, flexible usage policies or volume pricing.

It's interesting to see pricing for an API that provides access to energy utility pricing, take on a very utility pricing model for consumption.