Open-Source Version of the Mashape API Proxy

The Mashape API Proxy is an open-source version of the same proxy that allows APIs to integrate with the Mashape Platform andhandles authorizing users, billing, rate limiting and other features.

Version 1.1 is whats available for download on Github, and Mashape is testing the private version 1.2 of the proxy with a small set of API providers, and they will push it to Github after its been tested.

The new version dramatically improves the performance and the security of the proxy, while reducing latency.

The API Proxy version 1.1 is an extremely early version and Mashape recommends waiting for version 1.2 before deploying.

The open-source Mashape API Proxy is written in JavaScript and runs on the latest version of node.js

This is the first open-source API proxy that I know of, and in my opinion, opens up a lot of possibilities for the API industry.