"Twitter Launches New API Developer Area"

Twitter just launch an updated version of the Twitter Developer Site. The new developer area focuses on enhancing developer communication channels and providing improved reference material and documentation.

The new dev.twitter.com is built using the Drupal platform and focuses on providing core building blocks for its developer community:

  • Forum - Retiring of the old mailing list with a new dicussion forum that includes hot topics, email category subscriptions, and Dev Teatime, a section to focus on the social side of the Twitter developer community.
  • Blog - A new blog to learn about important API announcements, events, tips and how-tos, case studies, product insights, and featuring content from different teams at Twitter, as well guest blog posts from community members.
  • Documentation - The new Twitter docs have better structure and searchability, so they are easier to update, and easier to find the most up to date information about the API.
  • Enhanced Search - The new developer area search is powered by Apache Solr, providing a unified search engine with filters and more relevant search results including from the group mailing list historical archives.
Twitter focuses on the most important aspects of a developer area, while also providing many other important API building blocks:
  • Getting Started
  • Application Management
  • Embeddable Tools
  • API Status
  • Authentication Overview
  • Developers for Hire
  • Videos
  • Terms of Use
  • Branding Guidelines
  • API Explorer (Apigee)
The new API developers area looks very complete and provides a unified front for the Twitter developer ecosystem, right down to the comprehensive search.

Its obvious they are working to turn over a new leaf in developer relations by providing improved resources, and most importantly develop communication tools. The new discussion forum features an Introduce Yourself and gives developers the ability create threads as well as reply to threads, which will definitely initiate discussion within the community. The forum is already filling up with introductions and comments.