"A Market for Selling API Code Libraries"

One of my Google Alerts picked up on something interesting today. A PHP code library for the Github Gist API, for sale on the code marketplace CodeCanyon for $2.00.

I almost just closed the window, but then thought a little more about it. I think its the first time I've seen a code libraries for sale like this. I've seen more robust integrations and API clients for sale, but never a simple library for working with an API.

The Github Gist API is well documented and there is a PHP library for the Github API available for free on the site. It doesn't look like it has Gist API support yet, but is well written, and shows you how to exend the PHP class.

Seems like there is a narrow window where you could build an API code library and make money off selling it before a free library is available, or is it also possible to sell them even when there are other free libraries available?

I will keep watching for other API code libraries for sell on CodeCanyon and elsewhere, see if this is a growing trend. I prefer to just open source mine on Github, for the entire community to put to use.