API Evangelist 2.0


Sorry about the flood of 25 API Evangelist posts.  It was due to the fact I switched to a new blogging system today.

I was out growing what I could do with Wordpress, and had too much data and other research I need to link together to show the bigger picture of whats going on with APIs.

API Evangelist has always been a hybrid Wordpress blog and custom CMS system system I wrote.  Over the last couple months I rewrote my CMS, and re-lauched with 7 new systems:

These content systems each have their own database, and are linked together by a central tagging system, and I have established relationships between each of the databases as necessary.

v2.0 allows me to store data I gather from around the web in a more structured way,  one that allows me to identify patterns and trends easier and also opens up more opportunities for discovery here on the site.

I have a whole bunch of APIs, tools, services etc. to put into the system, but I couldn't wait anymore and wanted to launch the new site.  If you see any problems, let me know please