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Internal API Evangelism - Demo Fridays

At Mimeo we have demo Fridays where anyone can demo what they’re working on. For demo Fridays I tend to build prototypes showing different ways to integrate with the Mimeo Document Printing APIs. As my schedule has gotten busier this fall, with more developer support, and attending hackathons and conferences, I don’t always have time to polish a prototype for Friday demos.

So this Fridays demo I started showcasing some of the ideas I’m brainstorming with other developers, and the potential ways they might use our APIs. Here are the four I demoed today:

Not all of these projects I demoed are guaranteed to go anywhere. Some of the photo products at Mimeo, still need APIs exposed before I can offer some of the more specialized photo printing services. However showing the types of projects developers are engaging me on, creates more awareness within the company about what developers want, and opens up the floor for comments and valuable feedback.

Internal API evangelism is an ever increasing part of my API evangelist role. Making everyone at Mimeo aware of what I am doing with our APIs, as well as what other types of platforms and APIs are available, all contributes to more awareness and engagement across the company.