"Tru.ly Launches Age Verification API"

Tru.ly just launched an age verification API that authenticates the age of an online user based by cross-referencing user-submitted personal information with data points from Tru.ly verification partners.

Verification is done by matching user-submitted information with that in a national database of government and public data. In order to become verified, specific pieces of information must match. Tru.ly also uses a proprietary technology to flag users who may be trying to game the system.

Using Tru.ly, websites with restricted content such as movies, alcohol and video games can programmatically verify its user’s ages, going beyond using just asking for a birth date.

The API was developed to confirm an age while also promoting the guidelines set forth in the Children Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), specifically section 1302-9, which defines verifiable parental consent as any reasonable effort, so as to ensure that the parent is aware of the website’s personal information collection, use, and disclosure practices.

Your can read more on Tru.ly’s age verification API at their site.