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These are the hackathons I'm tracking on for January. You can view these on the events page and I have a Google Calendar you can subscribe to.

AT&T Mobile App Hackathon Las Vegas 01/08/2012 Las Vegas
PDX Weekly Hackathon 01/12/2012 Portland
Penn Apps 01/13/2012 Philadelphia
Arduino Camp & Robot Hackathon 01/14/2012 New York
Hackathon for Social Good 01/19/2012 New York
Wikipedia - San Francisco Hackathon January 2012 01/20/2012 San Francisco
Haskell Hackathon 01/20/2012 Cambridge
CityCampHNL Hackathon 01/20/2012 Honolulu
Cleanweb Hackathon NYC 01/21/2012 New York
the Muther Michigan Hackathon and Dev Con 01/27/2012 Detroit
SpinKick - Kickstarting Mobile Apps for Your Business! 01/27/2012 Seattle
HTML5 Mobile Apps Hackathon 01/28/2012 Boston
Digital meets Physical: A Hardware Hackathon 01/28/2012 Providence

I try to record as much information about event as I can, including Twitter handle and email when its available, so you can contact them.

If you know of any hackathons I'm not tracking on, let me know. I'd like to keep the hackathon events calendar up to date with all the events going on around the globe.

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