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Qualifying for the API Stack

I’m going through hundreds of APIs and curating a list of APIs, for what I’m calling the API Stack.  The API Stack consists of APIs that provide clear value for developers and have demonstrated real investment in their API, and are in it for long haul.

There are quite a few things I consider when looking at an API, here are a few:

There are other metrics I use, but these are proving to be the most positive characteristics of an API that developers can depend on. Many APIs I come across don’t even meet these basic requirements. What triggered this post, was I had just looked at about 10 APIs that did not meet these basic requirements, and then I came across one that clearly met all of these, and more--GeoIQ.

GeoIQ has a mapping API that provides clear value to developers, and its obvious they are investing the necessary resources, so the API is successful. So I’m adding GeoIQ to my API stack under the category of “local”.

If you feel your API is a good fit for the API stack, make sure and ping me.