Curated API Industry News Feeds


In my Google Reader I curate hundreds of articles pulled from 600+ blogs and 25+ real-time Google Alerts, on a daily basis. Everything I star in my Google Reader or Tweet about daily ends up in my Pinboard account. In addition to this curation, I bookmark every relevant site and post I come across in my daily surfing using the Pinboard bookmarklet.

Using the Pinboard API I setup a news curation system at API Evangelist which pulls my latest pinboards every 15 minutes and adds them to a curation queue which I monitor every couple hours. My API Evangelist curation system allows me to add comments and tags, further adding meaning to what I’ve already read throughout the day. Then using a combinations of tags, I route relevant news to  API Evangelist and Hack Weekends.

These curated links represent the daily reading and research that goes into my writing and industry reports. I thought it would be good to share with you some of what I read on a daily basis, my random comments and insights, rather than just the final results.