Find Your Hackathon Venue with EventUp


I am going through all my notes from organizing the CityGrid Los Angeles Hackathon and trying to publish as many stories as I can, about how I planned and organized the hackathon.

One service that was a catalyst for the event occuring, was assistance from EventUp. EventUp is a service that assists event venue owners in finding people to rent their space, and in turn can help you find the ideal location for your hackathon. 

Tony Adam (@tonyadam) the owner of EventUp emailed me one day after I had submitted a request via for more information on venues for my Hackathon in the Los Angeles area. He offered to help make sure I found the right location.

After a couple days he helped me secure CoLoft which was the best location for the hackathon imaginable. It was accessible, had great layout with tables, good wifi and the staff was extremely helpful.

EventUp isn’t in all markets yet, but if you’re planning a hackathon I recommend talking with Tony at Eventup, and seeing if they have the right location for your event.