Gil Speaking at Techonomy on The Meanings of Data


I'm digging on this statement from Gil Elbaz @ Factual.  Gil is participating on a panel “The Forest for the Trees: The Meanings of Data” at the Techonomy Conference on Sunday, November 11th in Tucson, Arizona at the Ritz Carlton. 

We live in a world of patterns. Now we’re getting better at discerning them. As we see the big patterns in human behavior, and in the movement of money, products, jobs, weather, energy, disease, and even molecules and stars, a new era of understanding dawns. Can companies and governments draw proper conclusions fast enough? Where will this world of patterns discerned take us?

I've heard Gil talk several times, and I am a big believer in his views on data, and supporter of Factual as a platform. I firmly believe we can help companies and government draw proper conclusions, in very real-time ways, using APIs.