BandPage Connects Bands To Their Fans Using An API


BandPage, a hub for musicians to manage and control their online presence, just expanded their reach with BandPage Connect, an API, allowing developers to build apps for the music industry. I wrote about their update once, publish everywhere with an embeddable API strategy back in July, feeling an API would be next.

When it comes to a Bands most treasured assets, music is always held up as the most valuable piece of the catalog, but band info, events, venues, videos and photos of the band are essential to the success of these artists--emotionally connecting fans with their favorite bands.

This is where BandPage Connect comes in. The API will allow bands to provide content to open API developers, as well as their partners, in a self service approach. BandPage Everywhere allows bands to easily manage their presence with robust embeddable apps that they can easily distribute across the web, but BandPage Connect takes this to the next level--allowing developers define what is next, when it comes to building web and mobile apps that connect bands with their fans.

BandPage Connect provides a solid approach for the music industry to provide access to valuable band assets, but also provides a centralized way to control presence. Ryan Kavontrka, Digital Manager for Maroon 5, Sara Bareilles, Gavin DeGraw, and Eve 6, says, "There are a lot of platforms out there that have our bio, photos, and videos, but the info they have about us is out of date and we don't have a way to change it. This makes it so that any member of a band or their manager/label can update the content, not just the guy who knows HTML. If you're connected with BandPage, you know your entire online presence is up-to-date."

All a band has to do, is manage their presence via BandPage, and they can use BandPage Everywhere to allow any fan or partner to easily embed content on sites and social networks, as well as allowing developers to build custom experiences--all while maintaining control over every aspect of a bands presence.

After diving into BandPage Connect they’ve done a great job launching the API, providing valuable endpoints, and all the essential API building blocks so developers can be successful in building apps on the platform. I think the BandPage approach to their embeddable and API strategy, is a model for other industries that showcase artists, to follow--giving them the highest level of control over their presence, while achieving the large distribution and presence possible in an API driven online and mobile world.