Make Sure You Are At API Strategy & Practice in February

I'm rebooting the marketing and PR for the API Strategy & Practice conference after the holidayz. After finding a new date for the event on February 21st and 22nd, we've gone through the session and speaker lineup and almost the entire line-up is coming back, with a couple of new entries including a new keynote from Jeff Lawson of Twilio.

We had a whole bunch of new requests for speaker additions over the holidays, and while we tried to squeeze in where we could, with such a killer lineup and the fact that everyone was committed to the new dates, we had to decline some pretty good talks.

Over the next week we are going through and confirming with all registered attendees to verify they will be attending, but since the event was sold out before hurricane Sandy, I expect we will be announcing the event as sold out pretty soon.

The event is designed to be an intimate 2 days between 300 industry professionals in the API space.  So I recommend if you are excited about APIs in 2013, make sure and head over to API Strategy & Practice site and register before its 100% sold out.