Continue With My API Service As A Guest


Making onboarding with an API as frictionless as possible is one thing I like to study and educate my readers about. While I was studying what I call the API reciprocity space currently, which is an evolution of what is known in the enterprise as ETL, I came across a company called FoxWeave.

FoxWeave is a service that can migrate and synchronize data across all your cloud and on-premise apps and databases. When I went to “try it now” at FoxWeave, I was told “no signup needed”. But I didnt’ think much about it until I saw the temporary guest account popup.

What a powerful concept. Evolving the freemium concept into the world of anonymity, allowing me to play with and understand your service before having to commit in any way. One less piece of friction when I’m trying to understad a new tool or service.

Nice work FoxWeave. Way to make interoperability and automation using APIs as frictionless as possible.