Learn the Mogreet MMS API with GUI API Construction Tool

Hands on, interactive tools are proving to be the most useful way to learn about an API--empowering users to see it in action, and witness the value it delivers. Many companies are doing this by providing API explorers, consoles, interactive documentation and other hands-on tools that allow you to see how any API actually functions and learn about the API in realtime.

One of the latest companies to do this is MMS API provider Mogreet, which has stepped into the API explorer game with their own API tester allowing anyone to visually build an API call that sends multimedia messages, as well as take advantage of the 25 other methods available via the API platform.

The API tester is available for all users via the developer dashboard, providing a hands on way to learn about the Mogreet API, all available endpoints, understand which parameters are required or optional, experiment with alternatives and quickly make the calls and see the result, understanding the value and operations before you get to work coding around the API.

While I think using an API explorer like Apigee’s can provide value, but I also recommend rolling your own toolkits that might speak specifically to your target audience. I think a standard API console or explorer can help developers understand the operations of an API, but I think the right GUI tool can help any user understand the potential your API offers. Which might make the difference between an integration project getting funded or not, with decision makers properly understanding how your API can be put to use.

Nice work Mogreet team!