Gather Feedback For Your API With UserVoice

I’m looking at new and innovative ways companies are building analytics and visualizations on top of APIs, and one of the new tools I’ve come across is ImpactStory. ImpactStory aggregates altmetrics: diverse impacts from your articles, datasets, blog posts, and more. But this post isn’t about ImpactStory, I’ll crunch what they do and write about in another post.

This post is about their usage of feedback, helpdesk, and knowledge base management tool UserVoice, which is a service I always recommend to API owners looking to support different aspects of their API community.

ImpactStory simply has a “BETA - Send us Your Feedback” image in the top right corner of their site. When you click on the logo, you are presented with a simple UserVoice form for submitting your ideas of where you think ImpactStory should take their platform.

I think this is a pretty dead simple way of soliciting feedback from your community. Involving your users in your roadmap planning can go a long way in building goodwill with them, and encouraging participation and innovation in other ways.

After I spend more time playing with ImpactStory, I’ll do another post on what else they are up to, but at first glance its a pretty interesting approach to developing tracking analytics, visualization and other embeddable goodness using APIs.