Top API Platforms Deliver More Node.js Resources for Developers

Node.js, the server-side software system designed for writing scalable Internet applications in JavaScript, seems to be getting more attention lately from top API providers because of its event-driven, asynchronous I/O that can minimizeoverhead and maximize scalability.

Last week Google released an official Node.js client library for accessing Google APIs that supports authorization and authentication using OAuth 2.0. Then earlier this week, Amazon Web Services announced that AWS Elastic Beanstalk, their PaaS solution now supports Node.js applications.

While Google’s deployment is a client, and AWS’s is an application platform, they both have the same objective--enabling developers to build highly reliable, scalable, and cost-effective applications using APIs.

Both Google and AWS recognize the potential for selling developers their valuable API driven resources, by providing them with Node.js solutions. JavaScript is the number one language on Github, with Node dominating most starred and most forked overall categories, according to Github trends.

I think that AWS and Github both send a good signal to other API owners, that they need to step up the availablity of Node.js resources for their API developer communities.