API Badges, Logos and Stickers


I ended up at the Punfork API today for some reason. Full disclosure: "Punchfork has been acquired by Pinterest! Read the announcement. Site shutdown: March 31st, 2013". Just getting that out of the way. While at the site, I ended up at the Goodies page, which I think represents a nice set of basic embeddable tools for an API.

First using Punchfork Badges, you can customize a badge, then copy and paste the embed code onto your blog's sidebar, or anywhere else you want it to appear:

Then you can download a Punchfork logo (ok, its just one, but it gets point across):

Last, you can enter your address and request a Punchfork sticker to be sent to you:

These are all three, simple examples of a good approach to providing embeddable tools for users. Badges are pretty straightforward, and it is sensible to provide logos and other images as part of a healthy branding strategy. But the request for a sticker is something I haven't added to my listing of embeddable building blocks. After thinking about it, stickers are the OG embeddable tool. Something your users can take offline, and embed anywhere.

At some point I will do a roundup of all the embeddable building blocks, since I've been adding some new ones like sticker request form.