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All You Can Eat Buffet of Developer Tools at Splunk

During my monitoring of the API space this week, I came across an interesting blog post from data platform Splunk, showcasing the tools they provide for developers who are putting their real-time data platform to use.

Splunk has an amazing smorgasbord of developer tools, but there are a handful that I feel need highlighting, so that other data API providers can consider as part of their own offerings:

Obviously Splunk is a big data platform, so the idea of custom search and other building blocks, may not work for all API providers. Regardless this list provides some thought provoking implementations that other data API providers should look as part of their own roadmap.

Make sure and head over to the blog post that sparked this story, they have other goodies like App Frameworks, and specific connectors for Apache, Spring, Flurry and a long-tail of API integration building blocks.