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Simplifying oAuth With oAuth.io

Securely accessing API with oAuth can be one of the bigger pains in the ass for developers. Poor understanding of how oAuth works and often lack of good client libraries, can make API authentication a hurdle developers can't jump over.

Now developers don't have to stress out over oAuth. The tech savvy team over at Webshell.io has created a dead simple oAuth solution that allows you to integrate with over 70 of the common API providers, with just three lines of JavaScript, called oAuth.io.

What I like about oAuth.io the most, is that it is a true client side oAuth solution. With as many pure client-side, JavaScript, Single Page Apps I'm building, this type of oAuth solution just rocks!

I really enjoy dead simple solutions like oAuth.io, that take powerful, but complex things and abstracts away the complexity, making it something anyone can use. I recommend taking a look at oAuth.io and saving yourself the overhead of API integration using oAuth.

If that wasn't enough, It gets even better. They have also open sourced the oAuth.io core under the name oAuthd.

Nice work Webshell.io team!