I Am In Philly This Friday Speaking On Openness, Should We Create a More Transparent World, At The Franklin Institue

I'm heading to Philly this week, to participate in a panel on Openness: Should We Create a More Transparent World, at the Franklin Institute, as part of EduCon.

The panel will run from 6-8PM, and include:

The conversation will be centered around education, as it is part of Educon, which is focused on discussing the future of schools. I like participating in panels like this, as it sheds new light on what open really is--not just the tech, but business and politics, in one of the most important aspects of our economy.

I'm excited to be on the panel and participate in the conversation at Educon, which represents the increasinglly overlapping of my world of APIs and open data, and education technology, which is the domain of my partner in crime @audreywatters.