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API Evangelism Strategy: Goals

I’m working with the Cashtie API to pull together API evangelism strategy for the payments API. As I pull together it seems like a great opportunity to share with you. Who knows, maybe you can use some of the elements in your own API strategy.

First up, is goals. What are the goals of your API initiative?

These are just a few initial goals every company should consider when crafting an API evangelism campaign, but don’t stop there, what are some other goals?

Having short term, and long term goals is essential to any API evangelism strategy. What are our long term goals? What goals do we have this week? How do they change over time? Documenting our goals is critical, so we can deliver on them, but also understand how we need to shift our goals to be more successful over time.

Do you have goals for your API program that aren't listed here? Share them with me on Twitter @kinlane with hashtag #apigoals.