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API Evangelism Strategy: Developer Outreach

I’m working with the Cashtie API to pull together an API evangelism strategy for the payments API. As I pull together, it seems like a great opportunity to share with you. Who knows, maybe you can use some of the elements in your own API strategy.

Next up is developer engagement, and focusing on the ways you reach out to API consumers. You don’t need to describe every way you are going to engage with developers, but you should make sure and pick a handful of channels and stick with them, regularly reaching out to developers, providing a communication platform they can depend on.

There are some proven approaches to developer outreach:

There are many other ways to reach out to developers, but you should have a regular rhythm for reaching out to new developers, existing developers will re-enforce relationships with your developers consistently through the channels that make the most sense.

If developers know they will get regularly information from you via a newsletter, and that you are accessible via common social media channels, they are more likely to reach out when they need help, and have you in the back of their mind when they do encounter a problem that your API provides a solution to.