API Talent Agencies

I am watching Airpair and Workmob step up to meet the demand for developer talent in the API space, and can’t help but selfishly want to see the same for API evangelism talent.

Along with the growth of the API space, the need for quality API developer talent has grown exponentially. Airpair and Workmob have both identified this (obvious) need, and will do well, if they can truly qualify, organize and direct talent to where it is needed across the space.

I would call Airpair and Workmob, API talent agencies, with a focus on development. I want to see the same emerge for API evangelism, advocacy, or whatever label you give it where you are from. The need for developers is greater, but there is a huge, unmet demand for evangelists. This is literally from an email I received today:

No one interesting is replying to our job postings, and I am wondering if you have any thoughts or suggestions on who the right person is and how to find them.

I see this throughout the week, and feel bad for many of the companies reaching out. An API evangelism talent agency wouldn’t be your average marketing or PR agency. An API evangelism talent agency would have to be a tech savvy group, bringing not just outreach skills to the table, but some serious hacking chops.

If you have the desire (and resources) to start such an agency, let me know. I don’t have the desire to run such an operation (or the resources), but I have the understanding of what the market needs, and can probably bring all the clients you'd need.