Last Weeks API Strategy And Practice in Amsterdam (#APIStratAMS)

I am back in Los Angeles, after being in Amsterdam last week for API Strategy & Practice. It's Monday morning, with the event ending Friday, and rather than being drained and exhausted, I'm still glowing and very charged and excited for APIs, after all the amazing discussions.

First off, thank you to 3Scale for making API Strategy & Practice possible. Without 3Scale, not only would the event not exist, it would not have the tone that it does. 3Scale is investing in the conversation happening, with the priority being an open, inclusive community discussion around APIs—products, brands and companies are not the focus, API strategy and practice lead.

Second, thank you to all the sponsors, WSO2, IBM, Mulesoft, Pearson, BladeRunnerJS,, NGINX, Node1, API Days, Apiary, Application Developers Alliance, Amsterdam Marketing, Nordic APIs, SendGrid, and WIP. Without these company’s support, the conversation wouldn't happen.

Third, thank you to the 96 speakers who elevated the API conversation at #APIStrat, bringing the stories of their API efforts to the event. There are already three of the talks up on the APIStrat Youtube channel, and the rest will be going up over the next couple weeks—if you weren't there, you have an opportunity to hear the talks.

I know 3Scale shares my vision of the event, and once again we nailed it! #APIStrat was the open and inclusive discussion of APIs I feel is critical for moving the industry forward. It is this type of open, vendor neutral discussion occur regularly around the globe, otherwise we just operate within our silos, and will never achieve the interoperability, integration and reciprocity that is needed to make the API economy work in a healthy way.

Thanks everyone for making such an amazing #APIStratAMS!