The API Evangelist Should Have APIs

As I have evolved my blog from a content management system into an API industry monitoring system, much like other companies I work with, I’m making the switch to use more APIs in my operations. As I roll out these APIs, I want to share them with you, here within the API Evangelist developer area.

Here at you will find APIs that give you access to the content I curate and turn into stories, the analysis I provide on the API space, and companies, tools and other resources that I use make API Evangelist go around.

Sometimes I will roll out APIs as separate projects, and other times I will roll them out here, the central API area for API Evangelist. I’m working to separate out some of my resources, much like other companies do in the space, and allow my internal systems to read / write, while also providing public and partner access to these resources. I am even working to create premium, pay for use API resources, but most of the time you will find my APIs are free.

If there is anything you’d like to see me publish, let me know. You can use the issue management for the Github repository that houses this project to share any comments, thoughts or issues. Thanks for tuning in!