Exploring What Is Next For The Green Button API

The end of last year I was asked to spent time thinking about three things: 1) An API for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) 2) Next steps for the Green Button API 3) API strategy for the overall United States Government. I managed to find the bandwidth to get two of the three projects active, but neglected to spend time on the Green Button API.

To support my research I established a Green Button API repository on Github, where will track all my work. My goal is to pull together all the existing pieces of the Green Button API into one place, and evolve a strategy for taking Green Button API the next step. Like I did with the FAFSA API, I just want to explore what is possible, and jump start a conversation either within government and outside with other 3rd parties.

I've spent a few hours gathering what elements I could find about Green Button—existing sites, APIs, code, documentation, etc. Over the next couple of weeks I will spend more time connecting the dots, and tell the story via my Green Button API project blog.

If you have any resources I should consider, or would like to provide any feedback, you can use the Github issue management for the Green Button API repository.