Keep Your API Developer Area Blog Up To Date

I look at a lot of API developers areas in my work, and the first sign I see that nobody is home behind an API, is that their blog is out of date.

I found myself at the ESPN developer center last night, clicked on the blog, which has a great tag line of “API-focused musings and rambling”, but alas hasn't been updated in over a year.

Your API developer blog posts do not have to be anything master planned, and should just be thoughts from the daily life of running your API. A little effort goes a long way on your API developer blog, and when it becomes out of date, it also will send a strong signal to developers—nobody is home, don’t use this API.

Make sure your API-focused musing and ramblings occur more than once very year, I know that personally I need it daily, but maybe you need it a little less frequent. ;-)