New Indix API KickStart Program Reduces Costs For Developers

I like to showcase examples of companies who use their API communities as incubators, establishing them as a sort of external R&D lab that invests in 3rd party developers who are building cool stuff on top of their API driven resources.

I came across an announcement from product intelligence platform Indix, in my usual monitoring of the API space, and they have a pretty cool program for their developers:

Indix KickStart – a program to help startups and small businesses accelerate the development of product-aware applications and deliver rich product-aware experiences.

Indix is looking to jumpstart early stage startups use of the Indix product API. Companies that have less than $1 million in funding and $100,000 in revenue are eligible apply, and Indix will evaluate the startups potential for receiving access to the Indix API at a reduced price point.

There are numerous ways to incentivize developers usage of an API, and Indix’s approach is one possible way to established a trusted developer access tier, where you can raise access limits, reduce costs, and potentially reducing a new startup’s overhead, and their chances of success.