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My Discussion Today With 6 Hypermedia Leaders At API-Craft in Detroit

I'm preparing for my hypermedia panel at API Craft Detroit today. The API Craft organizers have brought together one of the most important line-ups, when it comes to the hypermedia API discussion, that I've ever seen. To prepare for the discussion,  I've spent time profiling each of the panelist, to help me, and hopefully you, better understand who they are:

These six hypermedia leaders, spend their time discussing hypermeida on the API-Craft forum, but it isn't just talk, each of the panelsts have each also contributed their formats and tooling to the discussion, resulting in 9 separate hypermedia formats to consider:

To help guide the conversation, I've asked each panelists to give me two things that they want the audience at API Craft to walk away with:

If you have any questions you'd like to have asked, I have the list on a Github repository dedicated to the event. You are welcome to do a pull request on the list, or leave as an issue for the repository, and I will consider including in the conversation. 

The panel kicks off today around 1PM (we may start late, as some panelists hit flight troubles), and the conversation is being live streamed via UStream.