Adding PokitDok To Healthcare Research And The API Stack (Well They Did)

I’m adding PokitDok, a simple API for healthcare to The API Stack, and my overall APIs in healthcare research. Well I didn't exactly add them, PokitDok added themselves to my healthcare research by forking the Github repository, and adding themselves to the JSON data source—once I received the pull request, I accepted, and they were published on the site.

Usually once a week I spend time to manually adding new companies I've come across in my monitoring of the API space, but being a one man show I can’t find everything across this massively expanding space. This is why I depend on you to help me curate the best from across the space. Not everyone knows that the entire API Evangelist network of 60+ research projects all runs on Github, which allows anyone to help write posts, curate industry news, and maintain the lists of API providers.

As soon as I accepted the pull request for PokitDok, I also tagged them as “API Stack”, which immediately adds PokitDok to The API Stack, listed under healthcare. No matter which doorway a company enters, I will make sure they get published to all appropriate research areas across the API Evangelist network, using my tagging system.

Thanks PokitDok for adding yourself, and I look forward to paying attention to the good things coming our of your API platform via your Blog, Twitter, and Github profiles.