The Heroku HTTP API Design Guide

I stumbled across a cool resource out of Heroku today, their HTTP API design guide, which intends to direct practices for API design on the Heroku API platform.

Heroku’s goals around APIs design are, "consistency and focusing on business logic while avoiding design bikeshedding”. They put out the guide to drive consistent aPI design practices at Heroku, but are also interested in sharing with the wider API community.

I think API design best practices are something every API provider should have, and publish publicly (on Github). I think it is ok to even fork, and modify existing guides like Heroku’s or maybe from 18F out of federal government. This most important thing is that you have a guide that can guide your team, or other teams within your organization.

Now that I’m seeing more of these, I will start flagging, and aggregating them so we can browse and continue learn the API design practices from the leading API providers out there.