A Conversation With @ijroth, @dorkitude, @antonyfalco, and @medjawii In The Next Generation API Stack Panel @APIStrat

When I think about the concept "API mashup", It conjures up visions of clever hacks using Twitter and Google Maps from 2008 or 2009, where savvy developers would find innovative ways to mashup two or more APIs, and deliver some sort of web, and eventually mobile application on top of a couple of common APIs.

In 2014 I think the concept of a mashup has evolved, and while the term has fallen out of popularity with some people, I think the topic is still extremely relevant, and is something I want to discuss more at @APIStrat in Chicago at the end of this month. To continue this discussion we've asked four leaders from the world of APIs to join me on stage for a panel discussion we are calling “The Next Generation API Stack”:

I want to discuss the concept of “mashup” which I think historically has represented what we do in the world of APIs, but is a term that has significantly moved on for experienced API developers. I’m looking to discuss this from a client side perspective, but also from the API provider, API aggregator, and analystics perspective as well. When you look at what innovators like StrongLoop, Keen.io, Orchestrate, and Webshell are doing, it is much more than just mashing up two APIs and building a web app.

Today's tools allow you to quickly mashup multiple APIs into new API stacks, bringing together your own resources, as well as those of other API providers, and deliver an intelligent stack of resources that any web, mobile, or Itnernet of things developer can use to build apps. Another thing that has evolved is the number of APIs being used, based only upon my own usage, my apps have gone using 2-3 APIs in 2009, to using potentially 20-30 APIs in a single app—dramatically upping the stakes.

I’m still pulling together the topics and questions I’ll be bringing up with Issac, Kyle, Antony, and Mehdi during The Next Generation API Stack panel at APIStrat, so if there is any topic you’d like to discuss, please let me know, and I’ll consider adding to the list. I’ll see you in Chicago in a couple of weeks--make sure and get registered ASAP!