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Someone Please Build My Open, Interactive, Portable, And Visual API Documentation Toolkit

I wrote about visual API documentation a few months back, after I looked at the approach from OpenFDA, and now after taking a look at the value Slate brings to API providers like Dwolla, these feelings are re-surfacing in my mind. Since I have limited time, I’m getting pretty good at putting my ideas out there, allowing anyone to step up and execute on opportunities I’m seeing across the API space—I just do not need the extra work.

I love me some Swagger UI, as you can tell from the fact that all of my APIs use Swagger as the API definition format, as well Swagger UI for the interactive documentation. I’m pretty convinced of the importance of documentation being a hands-on experience, but after looking at approaches like OpenFDA, and Dwolla with their Slate driven API docs, I’m convinced they should also be more beautiful and functional.

Let me explain what I would like to see developed for the API space:

API docs have become much more than just API documentation, they have become about API discovery, education, expression, collaborations, and interactions, going way beyond just our grandfathers way of documenting an API. We have the language (Swagger & API Blueprint) to describe our APIs, lets begin providing more meaningful ways to engage with them as well.

If you would like to, or are already building any of these features I’m laying out, feel free to connect with me, and I'm happy to provide feedback anywhere during the design, development, and implementation—just let me know what you need.

I know I’m a demanding bitch in the API space, expecting people to do this work for me, but the space needs it. Thanks for building it! ;-)