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Top 5 Most Popular Themes On API Evangelist In 2014

Throughout 2014, when I look at the top 10 posts in my Google Analytics dashboard each month, there has been a consistent theme of what stories are driving page views. The concept of a page is only one metric I look at when evaluating where the API space might be going, and while I don’t write stories specifically to page views, they do provide me with a general barometer of what my readers are interested in.

I’m seeing give areas consistently generating the most views across the API Evangelist Network:

I’ll revisit this at the end of the year and see if it still stands up. For me it provides some sort of map of where my readers heads are at, and by no means is any measurement of where the API space is going, but is at least a place to start thinking about what is on people’s mind.

I usually don’t spend much time looking at metrics across my platform, but I see a lot of interesting trends, and I like being a transparent layer for the API space, so I think i will try to better track on some patterns I’m seeing in my own network, as well as across the space, and share as stories here on the blog.