Preparing For My Talk At API Days In Sydney With Lots of Docker, Swagger, and APIs.json Work

i’m spending a lot of time lately, playing around with different approaches to deploying APIs in Docker containers. Part of this is because it is the latest trend in API deployment and management, but also because I’m preparing for my talk at API Days in Sydney Australia next month.

I am always working to keep my keynotes in sync with not just my own work, but in alignment with where the wider conversation is going in the API space. I’m building off my talk at Defrag last November, which was titled, "containers will do for APIs what APIs have done for companies".

The title of my talk at API Days in Sydney is, "The Programmable World With APIs And Containers". While some of my talk will be inspirational, trying to understand where we are headed with APIs and containers, much of it will also be rooted in my own work to run my own business world using APIs and Docker, and using APIs.json and Swagger to help me orchestrate my resources.

I apologize for the gaps in my normal writing, and the heavy focus on Docker lately, but it is where my mind is at, from an operational standpoint, in preparation for the conversation in Australia, and from what I’m seeing, it is in sync with the wider API and cloud computing conversation.