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My Ideal Profile Of Companies Who Are Doing Interesting Things With APIs

When I come across a new company, during the course of my monitoring and information gathering across the API space, I enter them into my company API. Once a company is in there, and I’ve deemed it worthy enough for a closer look, I profile their operations.

For my own organization, and in the spirit of transparency and collaboration, I wanted to breakdown what I mean by profiling. First I start with the basics:

Then I dive into the common URLs that I care about, that provide me with the best signals possible:

Then I tackle the API, or APIs, and profile each API they have by gathering:

Then I sweep through the rest of the API program looking for:

Once done, I have everything I need to establish a robust profile of an API provider, and add them to my monitoring. To assist me in my profiling, I then generate an APIs.son for the company, providing a machine readable version of all the information I’ve gathered in my profiling. This doesn’t always happen all at once, the companies usually queue up, then I go through and do full profiles in controlled sprints.

As with all of my research, you can find the resulting APIs.son files on Github, and as my monitoring continues, I will aggregate more companies doing interesting things with APIs, and as I have the time I will generate full profiles for each one.

If there is a specific company you’d like profiled, please let me know.