Weekly API.Report For March 23rd, 2015

Ok, it seems like Monday is going to be the regular posting day for my weekly API.Report. No matter how hard I try to get done over the weekend, something always seems to get in the way. Regardless, I'm still going to do, as the process is more than worth it.

The Weekly API.Report represents the best of what I've read throughout the week, and is only what I personally felt should be showcased. Each news item comes with a link, and some thoughts I had after curating the piece of API related news. I'm trying to break down stories into as coherent buckets as I can, but it remains something that is ever changing for me, but ultimately I will settle on a clear definition for each of the research areas.

A couple of 3D printing footnotes for the week:

Accessibility is a critical aspect of the API space that needs more discussion:

  • Accessibility APIs: A Key To Web Accessibility - This is an important aspect of the API conversation that isn't discussed, let alone APIs delivering a solution. I'm going to break this down, and try to incorporate accessibly into my research more.

Only one acquisitions I wanted to showcase this week:

Interesting usage of analytics in an acronym, and some money rais'n:

I will be tracking on more annotation related discussions in the future:

Some API aggregation action, mostly from Google:

Interesting API analysis piece, that was guest post on Twitter:

Handful of worthy API deployment things I was checking out this week:

Lots of API design opinions this week:

API discovery roundup, and more APIs.json love:

Couple of things falling in the API evangelism bucket:

API events news (ok, its almost @APIStrat time!):

Lots of interesting API integration nuggets:

A number of interesting posts, and additions to the world of API management:

My API monetization exploration:

Some other API News roundups:

The latest in API podcasts (cause there are so many):

The single API reciprocity story from the week:

  • Zapier Integration - Zapier is something every API should have, an dwhen you successful integrate, make sure and tell the story about it, and showcase on your website.

An potential API simulation related story:

Some API visualizations gems from the week, do not miss the architecture of a data visualization post:

Some tips on application management from the big players:

Was going to put this under SDN, but I'm going to call it architecture:

My single art story:

An artificial intelligence piece that stuck around this week:

Interesting parody in the automobiles section this week:

Some banking thoughts:

I am going to begin putting blockchain stories in weekly roundup:

Random business stories this week:

Big, big week for the business of APIs:

From the careers section:

When it comes to city government and smart cities:

I like that cloud computing is much shorter this week:

Two Command Line Interface (CLI) pieces I felt like sharing:

Slwo containerization news week too:

One content delivery network story:

A very diverse data category this week:

One data center story to rule them all this week:

Lone deprecation remidner this week:

You don't find me referencing desktop implmentations often:

Diversity from the government:

Document API movement this week:

Some valuable education blips:

Two embeddable stories to highlight:

Energy stories are important:

So are environmental related news:

Beyond just API events, and movement with event mangement APIs:

The always active federal government sector:

Some very important movement in the financial space this week:

Just some regular government stories, that apply across teh board:

Three hackathon stories pass inspection this week:

Lots to consider in the healthcare sector:

Interesting home discussions, and companies:

Google leading with HTTP:

I smell huge opportunity for change in the insurance space:

  • Insurance: Risk and reward - Interesting peek into the potential of APIs in the insurance industry. This is an area I'd like to do a proper white paper, but lacking the bandwidth at moment.

Yay! We made it to the Internet of Things section again:

One investment story that floated up on radar:

Two JavaScript nuggets from the week:

Two interesting legal stories I found this week:

Important story about libraries:

A single location story:

Had to highlight Google's move into logging:

I don't always bite on the machine learning stories, but device centric seems valuable:

Soe mapping stories:

Media stories from the cloud:

A basic messaging story:

The microservices stories keep getting better in my opinion:

Three mobile stories to keep you happy:

Some OAuth tales:

Beyond just data and into the realm of open data:

Open Source discussions:

Lone patents story:

Payments discussions:

My new bucket for tracking what I consider to be Platform Development Kits (PDK):

Interesting policing, surveillance, and data story:

Some of the darker areas around the politics of APIs:

Lots of privacy discussions:

I'm calling this area protection for now:

A single quantified self thought:

One interesting rate limits story from the week:

Don't get many real estate API stories:

A new real-time addition:

  • Netty: Home - A new event-driven, real-time platform I added to my list of tooling. I'll spend more time learning about what they are up to as I can.

The ever growing regulation bucket:

Case studies in the restaurant space:

The somewhat interesting retail front:

The scraping goings on:

Three SDK entries to consider:

Security. Security. Security.

Sensors are everywhere:

Single Page Applications related talk:

Some patterns from the world of smart watches:

AI and the social good:

Growing number of of Software Defined Networking (SDN) news:

Also some software defined storage news as well:

Oh yeah, sports:

More spreadsheets services:

  • SpreadCloud - An interesting addition to my spreadsheet stack. They found me after I wrote a story last week.

State government can rock it too:

More telephony from Twilio:

A single translation post:

Essential transparency:

Two transportation stories:

Wearables keep dominating the conversation:

A single weather cell:

More container, but also a worker entry:

That concludes my report on what I read last week across the API space. I'm still working on pulling together a summary e-newsletter version, allowing people to get an executive summary of what I thought was important from the week--I am hoping it will be available next week. I'm also going to auto-generate some visualizations, and summary counts for each week. I'd like to see a tag cloud, and overall counts to help me understand the scope of news I cover each week.

If you know of something I missed, feel free to email or tweet at me, and make sure I know about your company, and have a link to your blog RSS. If you don't tell the story and share, the world will never know it happened.

It is a good time to be tracking on the API space--lots going on!