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Weekly API.Report For April 6th, 2015

Swagger is now Open API Definition Format (OADF) -- READ MORE

My Weekly API.Report represents the best of what I've read throughout the week, and is only what I personally felt should be showcased. Each news item comes with a link, and some thoughts I had after curating the piece of API related news. I'm trying to break down stories into as coherent buckets as I can, but it remains something that is ever changing for me, but ultimately I will settle on a clear definition for each of the research areas.

Always a good report, when I start with 101:

More on the legal side of 3D Printing, than API:

An interesting Account Management feature:

A handful of interesting Acquisitions to note:

I'm see more Analytics related items like this focused on gaming lately:

I'm calling these API Aggregation, but they are kind of a new take on the topic:

This reflects some of the API Broker style broker I"d like to see more of:

More movement on API Definitions, and not just Swagger, some pretty nice moves from API Blueprint last week:

Handful of API Deployment resouces this last week:

API Deprecation rumors and misconceptions out of Fecebook:

The API Design advice for the week:

The always evergreen topic of the API Economy:

A single, slick approach to API Evangelism:

Couple of API Event related items this week:

Some API Integration insight from SalesForce:

The growing area of API Lifecycle discussion:

Lots API Management moves to evaluate from the last week:

Some very different looks at API Monetization:

An API Monitoring discussion:

The other API News from the space:

A single API On-Boarding story, to showcase how NOT to on-board:

Some API Performance thoughts from Restlet:

Some API Reciprocity stories from the private and public sector:

The growing area of API Testing:

The only lightly touched on area of API Virtualization:

An interesting API blip in the world of Architecture:

The PopUp Archive team rock'n the Audio discussion in my roundup:

Pulling out just the area acuqisitions area, and look at in terms of Authentication:

 I just couldn't resist putting this one in the Automobile area:

The Banking conversation keeps on heating up:

The ever enjoyable general bucket of the Business of APIs:

Two things to look at on the Internet connected Cameras front:

Where I place Career related items:

I'm putting this under Censorship, even though it might also be legitimate use cases:

An interesting API related Certification item:

A Chat story out of the business social network world:

Just a single City Government story this weeK:

Some expansion, and contraction from the world of Cloud Computing:

Two Cloud Storage stores that barely caught my attention:

A single, important Commerce story:

The Containers bucket is pretty small this week:

Diverse number of Content related items this last week:

A single County Government too:

A number of Data nuggets this last week:

And directly Database related:

I am seeing a consistent uptick in number of Device related API approaches lately:

DNS is so important to all of this working:

Two takes on the Documents when it comes to Dropbox:

Only a handful of Drone related stories I felt were worthy enough to discuss:

Kind of sort of some Education stuff:

A single Email item:

Some Embeddable thoughts:

An Encryption talk in the messaging world:

APIs in the Federal Government:

Couple of Hackathons to showcase:

I love having Hacker Storytelling items to showcase:

Two Healthcare stories:

A single, weird Home story:

One item to note in my IDE related research:

Two International items:

Internet of Things is kind of tame this week:

JavaScript wisdom from the week:

Yes! Libraries:

IBM continuing to dominate Machine Learning:

A single Mapping item out of Google:

Media related items in the news:

Messaging talk:

A single Microservices tale:

A handful of Mobile to aggregate:

A single Museums story:

Some thoughts from the world of Music:

Love the Outdoors news:

A single Partner story to note:

Payments not as hot this last week:

A robust Politics of APIs tag this last week:

Some helpful, and some frustrating Privacy discussions:

Good to see more API discussion in the world of Real Estate and Mortages:

The Real-Time discussion always dominated by PubNub with their kick ass content:

Security discussions I am watching:

A cool Showcase out of the Noun Project ecosystem:

Some Shuttering of companies in the cloud space to note by itself:

The every fascinating Single Page Applications how-tos:

Adding a single Software Defined Networking item, cause it has good content:

I love anything out of NASA that is Space related:

Isolating this again as a Speech related items, because it goes beyond just machine learning:

Big, big week for Spreadsheets:

And a single State Government item to cover each level of government this week:

Busted out Telecommunications, to show how stunted the industry can be:

Not as much Transparency talk this last week, but a handful to showcase by themselves: