Weekly API.Report For April 27th, 2015

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This week's report was a painful one, because I did very little work last week when it came to monitoring the space, thus I was forced to play catch up this week after #APIsBerlin. It took 20 hours to produce this work, and get myself up to speed. #ouch

My Weekly API.Report represents the best of what I've read throughout the week, and is only what I personally felt should be showcased. Each news item comes with a link, and some thoughts I had after curating the piece of API related news. I'm trying to break down stories into as coherent buckets as I can, but it remains something that is ever changing for me, but ultimately I will settle on a clear definition for each of the research areas.

More on Account Management with APIs:

Continuing the Acquisitions discussion from last week:

Some Analytics news from last week:

An interesting look at API Copyright:

An API Debugging story:

For a change, a RAML API Definition story:

Couple of API Deployment nuggets:

Three API Deprecation stories:

The API Design tips for the week:

From API Evangelism world:

Busy week for API Events, because #APIsBerlin ya know!!!

The API Management news I tracked on:

Couple of API Monetization related items:

A valuable API Monitoring feature released this week:

The API News roundup of roundups:

The API Performance news:

When it comes to API Reciprocity:

Keeping the increasing number of API Testing stories by themselves:

As I get my Github monitoring more fine tuned, you'll see more API Tools like this:

Specifcally API Visualizations:

How to manage Applications:

Some Authentication items:

World of Automobiles:

A single Banking story:

A browser plugin story:

From the world of Business of APIs:

Another CAD story this week:

Watching Cameras:

Three Careers items this week:

Certification in the real-time space:

Hard to figure out what to break up into Cities or government:

The companion City Government section:

A smaller Cloud Computing section this week:

We don't see many Comments related stories:

On the Commerce front:

I've been waiting for this Conference Call related story for a while:

A shorter Containers section too:

Content delivery via APIs:

Some Copyright, with overlap above:

A single Crowdsourcing story:

Handful of Data stories:

Breaking out Data Rights by itself this week:

The Database stories from the week:

Hard to stand out in Documents this week, with BoxDev:

Three Drone related items to share:

More weather, but also Drupal related:

Education from the master:

Interesting Email concept:

We need more Encryption!!!

Tracking on Energy:

Selling to the Enterprise:

Big Environment data.

Replay, but this time for Events:

An Excel + Wordpress feature:

Handful of Federal Government items:

The Financial news:

Import Gender related studies:

The Hackathon news for the week:

An almost Hacker Storytelling piece:

When it comes to Healthcare:

Because I love History:

Understanding the History of Compute:

A simple How To:

Microsoft getting the IDE world in order:

International moves:

Internet of Things wasn't important to me this week:

Investments and the markets this week:

On the Legal side of things:

When it comes to Libraries:

Keeping things Local:

Is Location being recorded right?

Logging of everything:

The area of Machine Learning:

A single Mapping item that caught my eye:

Two Messaging related stories:

The popular area of Microservices:

Keeping an eye on everything Mobile:

In the Note space:

Open Data conversation blew up this week, with some fresh research published:

Open Source news makes me happy:

  • Evercam Goes Open Source - I spoke with the Evercam team about this decision. My advice is this move is essential to the company achieving the global scale they are looking for.

From the Outdoors:

Partners are important, lets see what happened:

ON the Patent front:

Two Payment stories:

A single Podcast to tune into:

The world of Politics:

And specifically the Politics of APIs:

Physical world of Printing:

Important area of Privacy:

Protection, for lack of a better term at this time:

Keeping things Real-Time:

You should Reclaim Your Domain:

A single tale of Regulation:

Scraping of all the good things:

SDK items:

Search over at Google:

The important Security discussions from last week:

A sinlge Sensor story in NYT:

The APIs who Showcase their integrations:

From the Spreadsheets world over at Google:

A single, distrurbing Surveillance item:

Translation is important space:

Microsoft dominating on the Transparency front for a change:

The University stories:

A Validation item from Twilio:

An important API Version release:

Other Visualizations from the week:

Keeping an eye on the Watch space:

Monitoring the Weather:

A single Wordpress item:

That concludes my report on what I read last week across the API space. I'm still working on pulling together a summary e-newsletter version, allowing people to get an executive summary of what I thought was important from the week--I am hoping it will be available next week. I'm also going to auto-generate some visualizations, and summary counts for each week. I'd like to see a tag cloud, and overall counts to help me understand the scope of news I cover each week.

If you know of something I missed, feel free to email or tweet at me, and make sure I know about your company, and have a link to your blog RSS. If you don't tell the story and share, the world will never know it happened.

It is a good time to be tracking on the API space--lots going on!

Updated November 27, 2015: Links were updated as part of switch from Swagger to OADF (READ MORE)