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Are You Doing Anything Interesting With Swagger? Or Know Someone Who Is?

I am preparing for a big week of discussion around Swagger next week, and I'm spending time going through Swagger research project, refreshing some of the companies I know are doing interesting things in the space, using the machine readable API definition format, Swagger.

As i do with all my work, I have a Github repository setup for the research, allowing me to publish all of my work publicly, and manage feedback and engagement with the community, using the Github workflow. If you want to make any changes to the data you can fork and submit a pull request, or you can also suggest companies I should be looking at, as a Github issue.

So far, I've broken things into four areas:

I'm working on organizing the tooling I have found so far, but I figured I'd publish what I have currently, and ask for suggestions about anything that is missing. If you know of a platform that is using Swagger, either baked directly in, via an external framework, or are just using Swagger UI for its documentation -- please let me know, by submitting a Github issue.

I know there is a lot more out there, and if you are doing something cool with the Swagger specification, there is a good opportunity for it to be included in the discussion next week. If you don't share your story, nobody will know, and there are a huge amount of fence sitters right now when it comes to Swagger--people just waiting, and watching for the right sign to jump in.

I'm going to be writing a lot about API definition formats this week, priming my brain for the conversation at Gluecon next week in Colorado. I apologize in advance. ;-)