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Add SDKs.io URL For Companies And APIs That I Track On Via The API Stack

I am partnering with APIMATIC to help establish a common set of complete, and validated API definitions for the almost 1000 APIs I track on as part of my API Stack. I am using my Questions API to identify what work is needed to be done, by asking basic questions about companies, via their APIs.json definition, resulting in quick tasks I can accomplish that help us achieve our goals.

A portion of this work, involves making sure that the APIs in my stack are also linked to their SDKs.io profile. If an API in my stack doesn't have an SDKs.io icon, I know that I either need to search and find it in SDKs.io, or I need to publish a copy of the Swagger definitions I have to APIMATIC, and publish it to SDKs.io--then record the default SDKs.io page in my system, and republish. #hakunamatata

Right now you will only find a handful of SDKs.io on the main listing(AngelList, Google, Eventbrite). I am just declaring that I will be doing this as part of the process moving forward. So keep an eye out for the SDKs.io icon, because it means that SDKs.io is in sync with the API Stack (or shortly will be). For all of my own internal APIs I will be actually generating SDKs using APIMATIC--for the APIs I profile as part of my API Stack work, I'll just make sure things are in sync with SDKs.io.

Another problem you'll notice in this work, is the company vs. API aspect--meaning that some companies have the SDKs.io icon as one of its resource links, while some have it on the API itself. Look at AngelList and Google to see what I mean. This reflects the micro aspect to API definitions I've talked about before. It is common to look at a single API for each company, but through this work, I am trying to distill it down to the smallest possible unit of valuable possible--maybe eventually separate SDKs for each API, plus one for entire company?? What do you think Adeel and Zeeshan?

I like having SDKs.io profile as a default building block for the APIs I track on. It provides me an incentive for ensuring there is as complete of a machine readable API definition for the API as I possibly can. The presence of an SDKs.io profile does not mean the Swagger definition is complete, I have other ways for certifying that, but when the SDKs.io icon is present I know that an API is further along in the process, and closer to being an API that anyone can quickly integrate with.